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CAPCO welcomes  Maxx Ice, Sprayway Inc, Shockwave Seating, and Blue Guard Innovations to its roster of prestigous Principals. 
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    The summer-evening Severn River is smooth as glass, although the sky is its precise opposite, layered and looming with moisture-laden, tropical clouds. In the distance...

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Welcome to Charles A. Perry

In 1958, Charles A. Perry began selling a line of cordage throughout the Southeast. By 1970, Charles A. Perry and Company had grown into the largest volume multi-person representative agency in the United States, representing many of the finest manufacturers in the marine industry.

The success of Charles A. Perry and Company can be traced to a simple business formula: teamwork, intimate knowledge of the marine industry, risk-taking innovation and unrelenting face-to-face sales effort.

Charles Perry would be the first to tell you that success is the result of having a top notch team. Charles A. Perry and Company representatives, led by Charles A. Perry III, are seasoned professionals with a combined 365 years of experience and industry knowledge. Aggressive and service segment of the marine industry. They work side-by-side with OEM’s, Aftermart Distributors and Manufacturers to solve problems and keep product moving through the pipelines.

Charles A. Perry and Company representatives’ territories are small; they live in their respective territories, are aware of the local market conditions and respond quickly to customer problems and opportunities.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, call Charles A. Perry and Company and let their expert team covering 14 states help you reach your company’s full potential.

Charles A. Perry & Co. is a member of NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association), NMDA (National Marine Distributors Association) and NMRA (National Marine Representatives Association).

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